Liberty on the Beach

Liberty on the Beach

Liberty on the Beach

At 11 years of age Lucy Adams rode her new horse Elzar on the beach for the very first time.  Unsure of the noise of the waves as they crashed the shoreline, he stood brave, both willing to try something new.

She dreamed of galloping him along the beach bareback, without a bridle or saddle at liberty.  Little did I know, she would work incredibly hard to bring that dream alive at our next photoshoot.

Australian Beach Photoshoot

Lucy & Elzar’s first photoshoot in 2018.

‘She dreamed she could… and she did..’

Their story began when Lucy’s Aunty Jayne Hills gave her the Horse of her dreams.  At 11 years of age, Lucy had lost her beautiful pony Biscuit and was left devastated with the loss of two horses.

Jayne had secretly matched the potential of young Elzar and Lucy’s ability and saw an opportunity to fill the void in Lucy’s heart.

Lucy had met Elzar (right) when she was 9 years of age and fell in love at first sight.


It was evident in our recent photoshoot that Lucy had been working very hard at home on their partnership.  Lucy’s Mum, Tam, recalls her determination and passion from such a young age, and she told me she was unlike any other children she knew.  She worked incredibly hard and tirelessly to achieve her dream.

I wasn’t fully aware of how advanced their liberty work was until I watched them warming up for our photoshoot.  I became incredibly excited to be photographing them as I witnessed horsemanship and a bond far beyond her years. I reflected on their journey as we stood on the very same beach again.  With a passion for story telling through my lens I knew exactly how to share their journey thus far.

The smile says it all – they did it!


I am passionate about learning & capturing Your Story

The journey we have with our own horse is exceptionally unique to the two of us.  If you are lucky enough to own more than one Horse, you are quick to learn that every Horse has a different personality, and the opportunity for a new journey unlike any other develops.  Over time, you build a relationship that becomes your bond and this is your Story.



The Beach Photoshoot

A Beach session with your horse is one of my favourite sessions to photograph.  No matter the location though, a photoshoot experience with me is about you and your story of love and connection with your Horse.  To capture your precious moments for you to treasure forever in photographs you can be proud of.

Photoshoot experience with Rachel Flynn

If you would love your Story to be photographed or you’d like to capture the beauty of your Horse in an
Equine Art Portrait, NOW is the time to enquire and have a chat.

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Lucy & Elzar are proudly sponsored by Rachel Flynn

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