The Senior Horse Project

Senior Horse Project

A celebration of the Horse through photography

The lessons and journey we have with a Horse can have a lifelong impact on our lives.  Join me on a very special project that preserves the legacy of the Senior Horse forever through my lens as an Equine Photographer. 

Having spent nearly my entire life around horses, I have been given the opportunity to witness first hand the different stages of their lives, and I have come to greatly appreciate and moreover love the Senior Horse. 

The beauty of the senior horse is often overlooked in a world that tends to focus on youth and vitality. But in the eyes of an experienced person, horses age like fine wine and often with age comes a calmness and serenity that is hard to find in more youthful horses. Senior horses seem to demonstrate a demeanor of calm, exuding an acceptance of their surroundings and those who surround them.

But the real beauty of the senior horse is the shared journey you have taken. The road you have quite literally traveled together.  

These stoic and learned animals may no longer buck as wildly as their more youthful counterparts, but they more than make up for it with their wisdom, grace and solidarity.  

Equine Portrait Specialist

Equine Portrait Specialist

Elegant Equine portraiture is one of my favourite poses in photography.  I bring the beauty I see in every Horse through my lens to capture a timeless photograph so that your Horses can be honoured and remembered, always. Recently, I travelled to Far North Queensland...

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The Equine Lifestyle

The Equine Lifestyle

As a travelling Equine photographer, I meet the most interesting people who also share a passion and love for Horses. Every person's journey with their equine is individual to the two of us - whether our horses are paddock companions, used for work, high level...

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I’d LOVE to see a photo and learn of their unique story.

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