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Capturing a Legacy


I was first introduced to horses at a very young age. In truth, I don’t really remember my life before them; without them. They have always been there, an integral part of our farming life for mustering or weekend competition; but perhaps even more importantly as forever friends, trusted confidants and incomparable companions. 
Senior Horse Project - Rachel Flynn

Having spent nearly my entire life around horses, I have been given the opportunity to witness first hand the different stages of their lives, and I have come to greatly appreciate and moreover love the Senior Horse. 

The beauty of the senior horse is often overlooked in a world that tends to focus on youth and vitality. But in the eyes of an experienced person, horses age like fine wine and often with age comes a calmness and serenity that is hard to find in more youthful horses. Senior horses seem to demonstrate a demeanor of calm, exuding an acceptance of their surroundings and those who surround them.

But the real beauty of the senior horse is the shared journey you have taken. The road you have quite literally traveled together.  

These stoic and learned animals may no longer buck as wildly as their more youthful counterparts, but they more than make up for it with their wisdom, grace and solidarity.  


Senior Horse Project wisdom of a horse eye
©Rachel Flynn Equine Photography The Senior Horse Project
Senior Horse Project

I have had many amazing horses throughout my life, from the youthful to the wise and all that is in between. They have each held such a special place in my heart. It was our very own senior pony Max, that led me to finally making the announcement (which had been on my to-do list for some time) that we needed to document  these very special horses in a way that captured who they are – their Legacy. Then one crisp May morning in 2020, I decided to do a spontaneous Live on social media, showcasing to my viewers just how beautiful the light was dancing through the valley and trees of our property; and I knew then there was no better moment to announce my most important project to date; The Senior Horse Project-Capturing a Legacy.  

I am passionate about capturing the unique essence of each horse I photograph as I endeavor to bring them to life in the form of Art that can be treasured forever. Given my supreme appreciation for the Senior Horse, it seemed only fitting that I capture them through my lens in a way that grasps their true essence and tells their story. A final nod to them for their trusted service and a treasured memory for us. 

One of my most memorable senior horse sessions was with a strapping grey stallion named Dinamico XII, a well-known PRE stallion of the Manolo Mendez Dressage Stables.

Manolo was thrilled to have some beautiful photographs of his most beautiful horses saying “Rachel is very passionate, kind; and made the entire experience a pleasure. She appreciates and honours each individual horse’s beauty and spirit.  I definitely recommend a photoshoot experience with Rachel.”

“They [photographs] are very important. When we reflect on our past and what we have done they help enrich our memories.”

Rachel Flynn Equine Photography The Senior Horse Project Manolo Mendez Dressage Dinamico XII

Unfortunately Dinamico XII [above & below] has passed onto greener pastures over the rainbow bridge and his legacy remains in those precious photographs.


Senior Horse Project
©Rachel Flynn Equine Photography The Senior Horse Project Manolo Mendez Dressage

I think we all have that one special horse (perhaps more), who we feel a particular and often difficult to articulate relationship with. A recent client of mine, Sky Royal, [above] really brought this to life for me when she said “I don’t really know how to put into words how much Swish means to me. He has taught me kindness, humility and courage. He has been a constant presence in my life, even through times that felt empty. It was a match thrown out of heaven when 10-year-old, headstrong me, met the equally headstrong Swish and navigated the world together. It has been one hell of adventure, from the high country to the coast, through laughter, tears and tantrums. How blessed am I that this little pony has so faithfully carried my heart through the last 20 years and became my soulmate.”


Senior Horse Project Swish
Senior Horse Project
Rachel Flynn Equine Photography Senior Horse Project Nadine O'Sullivan


The Legacy of a Horse.
Rachel Flynn Equine Photography

The bond we create with a horse is something that needs to be documented and celebrated.  Our Equestrian lifestyle.  Our love.

If you have a special senior horse in your life and are interested in learning more about a photoshoot experience with me, please get in touch. Based in Victoria, I travel Australia-wide when schedules permit and find no greater joy than capturing the legacy of your most valuable companions.

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