The Equine Lifestyle

As a travelling Equine photographer, I meet the most interesting people who also share a passion and love for Horses.

Every person’s journey with their equine is individual to the two of us – whether our horses are paddock companions, used for work, high level competition or maybe just a fun weekend hobby; the bond you create with your Horse is very special.

Through my lens, I am very fortunate to document your story capturing your unique partnership for you to treasure forever.

Australian Beach Photoshoot


Photography is the beauty of life captured

I was recently privileged to photograph Shianne O’Donoghue, multi Cowgirl Champion of Australia, on her family farm in Bunyip, Victoria.  Having the opportunity to photograph Shianne and her Horses doing what they love, was an absolute pleasure, and the photographs really tell the story of the diversity of Shianne’s horses, and her talent.

Shianne has successfully competed since age 3 and comes from a family of competitive riders.  Shianne’s wins to date are 2015 & 2016 APRA Pro Tour Barrel Racing & all-around champion; 2015 APRA all-around Rookie champion of Australia; 2015 APRA Rookie Barrel Racing champion of Australia; 2016 APRA all-around champion cowgirl of Australia; 2016 APRA Barrel Racing champion of Australia with multiple State Barrel racing and all-around champion titles.

Shianne O'Donoghue

“I have so many circumstances I wished there was a camera for, mainly the hard times – the training in grass paddocks, the 2am walking horses who are sick or all the late-night drives to and from rodeos where it’s just you, your horse and the road.  Those are the things I wish I had more recollection of, the times where you feel like you have nothing but your horses and you just go and ride to clear your mind or compete to feel something.

When I won the 2016 titles I was in a very dim place.  I didn’t feel like I had much at all apart from my horse, Cool.  I was lost and barrel racing was the only thing I felt I had.  Winning those titles did so much more for me than just another title.  It gave me hope and let me trust in the process just enough to keep pursuing a career in the equine industry.”  Shianne said.

All the late nights and early mornings will pay off.

Barrel Racing


Why I am so passionate about learning & capturing Your Story

As a horse rider myself, I have learned over the years that the journey we have with our own horse is exceptionally unique to the two of us.  Having owned more than one horse, I was quick to learn that every Horse has a different personality, and the opportunity for a new journey unlike any other develops. 

Over time, we build a relationship that becomes our bond and our story is built on the journey and love we share.  Photographing my horses has always been a passion because I know that one day when all I have left are photographs, I will treasure them dearly.  Now I get to give that gift to my clients so they too can treasure their beautiful memories too.


Shianne O'Donoghue testimonial

Barrel Racing Australia

Unique photoshoot experience with Rachel Flynn

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